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Wythe Confectionery

A converted candy factory in Williamsburg's South Side, Wythe Confectionery was one of the first large-scale rental conversions in the fast-developing Williamsburg waterfront. Given that the developer chose to re-purpose and re-use almost all of the existing materials that normally would be taken to the landfill on a renovation of this scale, and sandblast the interior to reveal the building structural past rather than sheetrock over it, the design approach found its inspiration in the signage and typography of turn-of-the-century painted signs, melded with the iconic wood-grain of the structure's timber beams, and balanced with photographic representations that revealed and documented the past of the space, and its newly-envisioned residential present.

As a rental property, the building presented unique challenges of budget and scale in comparison to larger, condominium developments that neighbor it. A custom-folded brochure turns into a poster, and simultaneously serves as a housing for the building's floorplans.

(the building was fully rented in under four months)