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No.22 Renwick

No.22 Renwick is an understated building, on a tiny street, on an obscure block in West SoHo. The building has no shared amenities or public spaces beyond a small lobby, and with no more than two apartments per floor is extremely private. Additionally, the neighborhood has an extremely colorful history, has a tight-knit community with a strong sense of neighborhood pride, and has recently shouldered a few unwanted developments.

The design and marketing approach for this building was threefold. The first goal was to embrace the neighborhood by producing a few targeted pieces of collateral acknowledging the independence and cultural value of the neighborhood, and the property's social position within. The second goal was to physically locate the property for potential residents. (For a street in Manhattan, remarkably few people knew it existed.) The third goal was to create a strategic approach and visual language who's every nuance spoke to discreet luxury and privacy (without the pretense), and exclusivity (without the snobbery).

Speakeasies and private entrances were the models, history and luxury were the guides, and a custom-distilled batch of No.22 Bourbon was the gift.